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Our group consists of six women, four from Germ
any and two from the Netherlands.
We know each other for years from various creative activities.

Since 2014 we work together under the name Grenzenlo(o)s. The name is a combination of German and Dutch words, meaning ‘Without Limits’.

Until 2014 we had many exhibitions in various combinations.
Our first exhibition as Grenzenlo(o)s took place in 2016 at the International Quiltfestival Luxembourg in Wilwerwiltz. In the mill of Enscherange we showed 110 textile works. It became an exciting experience for visitors and for us.

As our name may suggest, our focus lies in unlimited exploring the creative world around us, especially in the field of fabric and colours. We work together on communal textile works, as well as work individually on theme-driven creations.
Our main goal is to question the limits given us by socialisation, education and our own imagination. When necessary we will extend them or even break through.

Be surprised seeing our works.

Antonie Dauben-FringsJohanna MenchHilde KampsBrigitte WittesAgnes van Gemert-SlangenPatricia Coors

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